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We offer custom set ups not only for customers with made to measure frames, but also with our serial frames. Feel free to discuss your special case and needs extensively with our chief developer!

29inch revised: sequel  


This is the detailed geometry and technical specifications for all sizes of the 29er.

Details are subject to change.

29er revised  


2008 we were asked by a local bikeshop to develop a Crosscountry oriented 29er steelframe concept.

The result

was a success and has been heavily used and abused till this day. Due to the economic crisis the prototype has not made it into production and the project was cancelled June 2010. With that the promise not to build a 2Souls 29er frame lost its meaning and
fastforward 6month, here we are with our own 29er frame concept.
This is a little sneakpeak of an older (workinprogress) CAD

From the beginning it was clear a 2Soulscycles frame would never be a lightweight/cc frame. Basically, we wanted a 29er version of our 41.5 funtail, for Allmountain, HXC, Enduro riding : combining the lively handling of a 26" bike with the advantages of the big 29er wheels.

For the past few years lots of new standards concerning headtubes, steerertubes and front derailleurs appeared on the market. As we tried to achieve high crosscompatibility we`ve chosen the relatively new 44mm id headtube standard so one can use 1 1/8", tapered and even 1.5" forks; and Shimano FD front derailleur brazeon to get the chainstaylength as short as possible with biiiig tires.

The geometry data of the preproduction sample size L (Reba 100mm, CaneCreek 110 Headset, without sag):

Steering Angle 69,5°
Seattube Angle ~72,5°
Toptube length horizontal 620mm
reach 419,6mm
stack 636,1mm
BB drop 56mm
Chainstay length horizontal 416-430mm
Headtube 115mm
Seattube length c-t 470mm (c-c 325mm)

44id Head Tube
Shimano FD Derailleur
EVO2 slider Dropouts (Syntace X-12 version to follow soon!)
allowed for 140mm+ Suspensionforks!!
Tire Size 2.4+?!

2Souls reloaded  


For almost 2 years we`ve neglected 2Soulscycles and this website almost completely, due to the work of organising EHBE.
From now on, we will change this again :)

El Jefe is nearly busting of ideas, and a whole list of new products is ready and waiting to be launched. We will let you know more about this in the next posts.

We`re also working on a new website with some more possibilities, bicycle configuration etc. This is a first impression -

because it will still take a little time ;)

Only this much up front: our growing distrust of the press/media combined with our happiness about the regular, often extensive and detailled feedback we get from many 2Souls riders, has led to the menu item riders`logs in place of the common press, and we invite you to share your experience with our bicycles (and us ;7) there soon. cu!

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